Sample video using Photoshop (Same method applies to all apps)

NOTE: This crack will work on Acrobat DC Pro only (it doesn’t work on other Adobe apps!)

Step 1

Download Acrobat DC PRO from this page (Read where it says ‘very important instructions’ or you won’t be able to download!) and install as a 30 day trial.

Step 2

Download the amtlib.framework

And unzip it if needed.
(Newer versions of Mac will unzip automatically).
Then copy the amtlib.framework file and paste it into:

Applications >> Adobe Acrobat DC Pro >> Adobe Acrobat DC Pro (Right click) >> Show Package Content >> Contents >> Framework (Replace it)
Make sure you choose “Replace with the existing amtlib.framework”!! (alternatively, you can backup the original amtlib.framework instead of replacing it, in case you need to go back to the original trial version).

18 thoughts on “ACROBAT DC PRO (MAC)”

  1. Broken links to download installer

  2. Hi, after liking the page, it doesn’t show any download info. only returns back to this page. help please

  3. installed…. dint ope app. then pasted the framework. Opened the app – and i get back to the trial. Anyone else?

  4. It worked originally but it seemed to have stopped working. Replacing the amtlib.framework again so wait and see if it works again.

  5. thanks! I also tried through FB and it did not work. So, I bought your amtlib and it worked. NB: I did have to open and close it twice before the browse feature showed up tho.

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